Predictive Analytics

Leverage Your Data to Predict Future Events & Gain a Competitive Advantage

The use of data to inform and drive business decisions has grown exponentially over recent years. It was not all that long ago that most companies utilized their data for little else than to create reports that summarized the past performance of their business. They looked backward and nothing more, if they looked at anything at all. Now, those same companies can use the same historical data, but viewed through the lens of the latest predictive modeling and analytics to foresee future risks, identify growth opportunities, detect fraud, optimize marketing campaigns, and provide the best assessment of myriad other aspects of business performance.

Predictive data analytics are quickly taking hold across a variety of industries, from transportation to retail. Imagine, cities predicting congestion on specific bus routes and scheduling additional buses or a clothing store targeting a price for a particular customer based on their prior purchases. Some argue today’s advanced predictive analytics are so profound they are reinventing industries, and with the growing number of amazing real-world examples, that may not be such an outrageous claim.

Syntelli has garnered real-world data analytics experience across a variety of industries, and we provide predictive analytics solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Below we discuss how we design and implement those solutions, and more importantly, how they will set your business apart from the competition.

Why Predictive Modeling Is Important For Your Business

Predictive modeling gives your firm a competitive advantage by guiding key business decisions  – those that will reduce risk, drive growth, or improve existing operations – and predicting the outcome of those decisions more accurately than human analysis alone. If nothing else, at the current rate of adoption, you’ll need to incorporate predictive analytics simply to stay competitive with your peers!

How We Do It

We strive for predictive analytics solutions that are holistic, effective, and impactful. We begin by aggregating your data from everywhere we can find it — customers, vendors, suppliers — and using statistics and the science of probability to turn it into actionable business intelligence. From there, we contextualize each data point (a product SKU, a vehicle, a customer, an employee, a machine, etc.) to a broader dataset so that you can understand the patterns and trends occurring within your business. With that foundation in place, we can apply predictive analytics to measure credit risk, detect fraud, predict product sales, provide better healthcare, or design the specific solution your industry needs. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

Our Data-to-Intelligence Conversion Process:

Discover, gather and clean your data

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Review your data and assign tags that accurately describe its content

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Apply statistical modeling methods designed to accurately predict future outcomes

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Present our findings to your business and IT leaders for discussion and decision making

Throughout each stage of our process, you can rely on our experienced consultants to customize predictive analytics solutions that perfectly fit your company’s requirements. From the very beginning, we seek to understand your unique situation and the problems it entails. We promise to apply deliberate and effective, yet adaptable, solutions that will meet every need and provide impactful results for your business.

Use Cases and Applications

With predictive analytics, your organization can find the right answers more quickly in areas such as:

Operations Use Cases
  • Improved resource allocation and reduced waste
  • Network optimization
  • Increased cost-effectiveness of your value chain
Sales and Marketing Use Cases
  • Strategies that work best for each marketing segment
  • More effective customer targeting methods
  • Improved prediction of marketing ROI
  • More comprehensive risk identification and assessment, including customer churn risks
  • Effectiveness of company-wide and market strategies
  • Business modeling that optimizes revenue and profit
  • Ideal tactics for business growth

So, ditch the spreadsheets and move your business from what it is to what it can become with Syntelli’s advanced predictive analytics solutions.

How can your organization leverage predictive analytics? Let’s Talk.